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  1. Emerging Photography from Turkey from Genis Aci on Vimeo.

    This projection, curated by Refik Akyüz, Serdar Darendeliler and Laura Serani, was first shown in Fotografia Europea Reggio Emilia (Italy), in April 2009.

    'Emerging Photography From Turkey' brings together works of 5 photographers who produce and exhibit on a par with the ongoing discourse of contemporary photographic practices: Silva Bingaz, who is very much influenced from her own complicated life, creates a fiction of her own in the ongoing series 'Coast' that is about love, affection, death, moment, things that change every moment and things that don’t. Melisa Önel, who stages her photographs or creates performances or temporary installations, sometimes creates personas that strip the person in the picture from their own identity and at other times creates moments of silence that bring other people and places into her private world. Yusuf Sevinçli, who mostly chooses subjects out of his own life, puts forward somewhat dark images of friends, strange encounters, private moments and urban scenes in his untitled series. Alp Sime, one of the most respected photographers of his generation, takes in hand scenes that Istanbul residents encounter and the domination that those images form over their collective emotions in his series 'Parallax' which resemble a dream diary waiting for interpretation. Ali Taptık, who is the youngest but most exhibited among these 5 photographers, exhibits interconnected frames of the experience of accumulated urban realities in his series 'Kaza ve Kader' (Accident and Fate) that is mainly about the relationships, places, people, emotions and coincidences.