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      Cahit Seydibeyoğlu

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      Çiğdem Uluocak Akçay

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      Gökçe Gezgin

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      Gülin Zehra Güngördü

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      İlknur Akarsu

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      İzzet Kohen

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      Özlem Zıngıl

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      Ufuk Yüzereroğlu

    In September 2007, Genis Aci Project Office, initiated the 'Enhancing a Photographic Vision' workshop with members of the Dogus Photography Club. The aim was to find ways to customize a photographic vision even in ordinary subject matters. Participants were asked to work on 'home' and 'office', which were easy in access and would have the minimum effect on their busy daily work schedules. As a result, they had pictures showing the different moments of working life and these pictures were gathered in an exhibition called 'Officescapes', in May 2008.

    Participants: İlknur Akarsu, Çiğdem Uluocak Akçay, Gökçe Gezgin, Elvin Göncü, Gülin Zehra Güngördü, İzzet Kohen, Elmas Par, Cahit Seydibeyoğlu, Teymur Şanlılar, Ufuk Yüzereroğlu, Özlem Zıngıl